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Mortuary design and equipment

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Made of EN 1.4404 (AISI-316) stainless steel, highly durable material, resistant to cleaning and disinfecting agents as well as corrosion, the range of MATACHANA dissection tables offers a wide variety of options to customize the product to suit the project’s requirements.

Surface divides into working area and wash basin with water mixer tap and cold/hot hydro-mixer.

Working surface with water curtain to conduct waste into the drain.

Extensible shower.

Reversible hydro-vacuum.

Mains sockets.

Working surface with lower water curtain to conduct waste into the drain.

Wash basin to soak specific samples with formalin. Formalin automatic dispenser activated by pedal. Drain with separate tank to recover the discharge of formalin, and vapor electronic check valve.

Wash basin with water mixer tap and cold/hot hydro-mixer

Extensible shower.

Mains sockets.

Upper shelf.

Modular solution ensuring various settings and capacities: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 up to 16 corpse.

Adapted for bariatric or standard measures.

Trays and rolling system manufactured entirely in stainless steel.

Internal lighting.

Different possibilities for refrigeration unit: monoblock, split, alternating operation, etc.

Remote control and event logging through web platform.

Table-top steam sterilizers





A wide range according to your needs