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Shefaa Al Orman Hospital

YEAR: 2017

TYPE: Turnkey Project

Complete Integrated Solution for 1 modular operating room with all infrastructure of the Surgical Suit room (ALVO Stainless steel Operating Room Capsule ) including all medical equipment for all surgical specialties like Dräger Ceiling pendant version, Anesthesia Machines with Integrated Hemodynamic Monitor, Dräger Anesthesia Ceiling Pendants, Dräger Ceiling Surgical LED Light, ALVO Fully Electric Operating Tables, Dräger Surgical Ceiling Pendant, Aesculap Electrosurgical Units, Zumtobel Medical Grade Ceiling Light, Conductive Floor Vinyl from Tarket.

All Anesthesia Machines for 5 Operating Rooms equipped with Hemodynamic Monitors from Dräger.

Dräger Hemodynamic Monitors, Dräger Intensive Care Hemodynamic Modular Monitors, Dräger Transport Monitors, and Dräger Vital Sign Monitors for all the hospital departments.

Dräger Intensive Care Ventilators, Dräger Transport Ventilators for all the hospital departments.

Linet ICU Beds, Linet Electric Patient Wards Beds, Linet Patient Transfer Trolleys for all the hospital departments.

Medical Furniture for Nurse Stations like, CFS Medication Trolleys, CFS Drug Distribution Trolleys, CFS Crash Carts.